The Nutrino App

Your personal nutritionist on-the-go.

The Nutrino app uses your medical and physical profile, your eating habits, preferences, and creates a meal plan tailored to fit your needs. As a SmartPhone app it is available 24/7, and allows you to make better food choices on-the-go. Our technology is based on the most advanced knowledge in nutrition available today.

The Nutrino Platform

Solving the problem of conflicting nutritional advice, together.

The Nutrino platform uses the data gathered from the Nutrino app to solve one of the most pressing issues of our time: the excess of conflicting nutritional advice. The Nutrino platform includes state-of-the-art analytical tools that allow researchers from around the world to find answers to the many important questions in nutrition.

Finalists, Tech Crunch Barcelona 2012
Nutrino is a virtual nutritionist. Nutrino's recommendation algorithm [...] enables it to truly personalize its nutritional/meal planning features.
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Winner, Unilever Heart Age LBS Hackathon
Nutrino's engine gave our Heart Age calculator exactly what it needed - Actionable Recommendations.
Finalist, The Next Web
Nutrino is your personal nutritionist, helping you make healthy choices whether you eat in or out.
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App of the week, Micromart
... the app's patented technology and algorithms makes Nutrino a far more customisable app then the usual run of the mill nutritional aid...
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Female First
Meeting your goals of a healthier lifestyle has just got that little bit easier, [Nutrino] is targeted for the individual for their own personal goals.
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Simply Zesty
Startup Nutrino aims to eliminate the world's biggest problem...
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